向域设计事务所 (atelier xy) 由漆晓峰和王宇扬于2018年共同创立,以上海为发展基地,专注于餐饮、零售、办公类型的精品项目,其实践跨越建筑、室内及产品设计等多个领域。
取自空间运用最为广泛的坐标系统:平面直角坐标系的x轴与y轴,才是Atelier xy真正的逻辑出处。而“向”为方位“域”为空间,我们认为设计的过程在创造之外,更是对空间场地、光线、选材及所有相关乃至对人的探索与研究。

Atelier xy is an innovative design practice on architecture, interior, and products based in Shanghai, founded in 2018 by Qi Xiaofeng and Wang Yuyang. The commissions are mainly boutique items about restaurant, retailing, small working place and living space.

Atelier xy is based on the most widely used coordinate system in space. The x and y axes of the Cartesian coordinate system, which is the true logical origin of Atelier xy. We believe that the process of design is not only about creation, but also about the exploration and study of the space, the light, the choice of materials and all that is involved and even the people.


117 Xingfu Road,
Shanghai, China

instagram: atelier_xy

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