exterior view
©Viola Hu

KBH Exhibition
Dongguan, China, 2019

The concept of KBH exhibition is to explore different volumn intersected. There are four individual volumn defined as living room, study room, bed room and tea room. There enclosed an irregular outdoor space as an courtyard in the middle of the volumn. Each volumn has a skylight and a big openning face to courtyard.

diagram  ©Atelier xy

main entrance view
©Viola Hu

 ©Atelier xy

view to study from courtyard
©Viola Hu

view from living room

©Viola Hu

main section 
©Atelier xy


                                  view to living from tearoom

©Viola Hu
©Viola Hu

Project Name: KBH Exhibition
Architect’s firm: Atelier xy  向域设计事务所
Project Type: Exhibition design
Location: Dongguan, China
Completion Date: Mar 2019
area: 320 sqm
Design team: Qi Xiaofeng / Wang yuyang
Photographer: Viola Hu
Materials: Wood / stainless steel / Black paint / Glass

Furniture: Shiji by KBH

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