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Beyond Boundaries

TSUBO, established in 1998, takes "Luxury Outdoor" concept as the brand's DNA. It aims at spreading the urban outdoor lifestyle while devoting itself to the development of sustainable fashion. 

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Atelier xy implanted the concept of "Folding Studio" into TSUBO store, and the main characters of the story are a pair of " globe-trotter ". They sit solemnly at their desks, sipping whisky and brainstorming. Their similar aesthetics and overlapping work content make their outfits and objects mirror-like.

Space & display

Atelier xy always think from the perspective of the products to explore its deep-seated properties, and focus more on giving prominence to the product itself, rather than the revolutionary design.

Clothing area
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Display area
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Shoes display
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©Wen Studio

Details & Materials

The precise control of every prop detail, such as changing the materials, light, angle and all related scales with patience is essentially our reflections on the architecture form and explorations of every fields.

Window display
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Project Information

Project Name: TSUBO
Architect’s firm: Atelier xy 向域设计事务所
Project Type: Small retail
Location: Shanghai, China
Completion Date: Aug. 2022
Area: 92 sqm
Design team: Qi Xiaofeng / Wang yuyang / Ye Zhuoran / Zhu Shuyao
Photographer: Wen Studio
Lighting consultant: Viabizzuno
Furniture: Auro object / flos / magis / stellar works
Materials: Walnut / antique brass / stainless steel / lychee glass / leather / velvet / carpet
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