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Communal table 
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K11, Guangzhou

Atelier xy uses highly saturated, transparent and textured materials in the interior design of a modern French restaurant. The simplicity of the space is compared to a bowl of soup, revealing a translucent temperature like a French broth.

Open Kitchen
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Communal table details
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Dining area
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Dining area
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Generally, we are exploring the relationship between materials and textures in terms of their own characteristics and the way they are used in a modern clean and minimalist space. For example Transparency and superimposition, Transparency and reflection, Blurring and diffusion, Gradation and diffusion .

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Project Name: CONSOMMÉ K11
Architect’s firm: Atelier xy 向域设计事务所
Project Type: Restaurant
Location: Guangzhou, China
Completion Date: Feb. 2024
Area: 95 sqm
Design team: Qi Xiaofeng / Wang yuyang / Wang manlong
Lighting consultant: ZENKO lighting design
Furniture design: Atelier xy 向域设计事务所
Photographer: Wen Studio
Materials: Resin/ lacquer/ gradient glass/ handmade tiles/ luminous film/ etc.

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